• Strained Yogurt | Easiest Way to Make Greek Yogurt Recipe

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    Strained yogurt Greek Yogurt recipe

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    When I was in college I was like most college students poor and hungry. I love greek yogurt but I didn’t have much time to make it our money to buy it. So I thought can I make greek yogurt but not from scratch?

    After a bit of thinking I had a crazy idea: Can I buy regular yogurt and strain it to be greek yogurt? I was pleased to discover the answer: Yes! There are a couple of ways to make greek yogurt on the cheap and with out a stove top.

    Method 1

    1. Buy 2 containers your favorite unflavored yogurt (I wouldn’t get a fruity one, but perhaps honey flavored?)
    2. Eat one of the yogurts (Not greek, but delicious!)
    3. Clean out the empty yogurt container
    4. Take a rubber band and an old clean t-shirt
    5. Use the rubber band to affix the t-shirt to the empty yogurt container
    6. Spoon about half of your full yogurt container into the t-shirt sling on the other yogurt container
    7. Close up the half full yogurt container for making more later, and cover the other straining container.
    8. Refrigerate everything
    9. Come back in a couple of hours to some delicious and cheap greek yogurt
    10. Mix in your favorite add-ins and eat!

    Pros: Cheap! Easy, and can be done anywhere.
    Cons: You have to clean the straining cloth (aka t-shirt)

    Method 2

    For less than $25 you can get this nifty european greek yogurt strainer if you want to make more.
     Or for $10 you can get this strainer* and make a little less you can use this Cuisipro Greek Yogurt Strainer. Both have great reviews and provide the simplest recipe for homemade greek yogurt.

    Strained yogurt Greek yogurt recipe

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    2 Responses to Strained Yogurt | Easiest Way to Make Greek Yogurt Recipe

    1. Rose
      June 27, 2014 at 2:33 pm

      Hi,. I am going to make this yogurt this weekend. One question: Can I add fruit etc to it when straining is done? I’m guessing yes but want to check first.

      • admin
        July 28, 2014 at 2:38 pm

        Thats exactly correct Rose, you can add whatever fruit you like once you have strained the yogurt. Hope you are well on your way to producing homemade greek yogurt.

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