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    Why MakeGreekYogurt.com?

    MakeGreekYogurt.com is a hub for all you need to know about how to make greek yogurt in your own home. First of all we love making greek yogurt (mostly because we love eating it!) We have spent a lot of time putting together all of the best information about making greek yogurt for everyone, from beginners to experts. We have experimented with greek yogurt from all different types of milk: raw, goat’s, whole, skim, you name it, so that we can share our experience and provide the best advice and tutorials. Also we love to help people discover how easy it is to make their own food instead of just buying processed stuff from the store.

    What is unique about MakeGreekYogurt.com?

    There are lots of resources on how to make greek yogurt online (believe us we have sifted through them when we started to make greek yogurt years ago), but most of them are not user friendly and sometimes just down right wrong. With many of those sites you can end up more confused then when you arrived on them.

    MakeGreekYogurt.com is the only full website that is devoted to teaching you how to make your own greek yogurt at home. We have tried and refined our greek yogurt recipes and provide the simplest tutorials and information around.

    Who are we?

    We are a dynamic brother and sister duo located in Maryland and Texas, who just love eating good food.

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    1. Nini
      September 23, 2011 at 12:36 am

      Such a great dynamic brother and sister duo! 🙂

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