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    With the greek yogurt craze in full swing we often get the question “What is Greek Yogurt?” The easy answer is that greek yogurt is simply any yogurt that has been strained. Well then what is strained yogurt?

    Yogurt has two major parts, yogurt and whey.  The straining process separates the yogurt from the whey making a thicker more protein filled yogurt known as greek yogurt. Whey is basically milk plasma that is acidic (think the tanginess of yogurt) that contains most of yogurts lactose, aka milk sugar, as well as a specific yet more diluted whey protein. The simple separation of whey from the yogurt is what is greek yogurt. The difference in texture and taste of greek yogurt is amazing and lends itself to a whole bunch of great quick and healthy greek yogurt recipes.

    How is greek yogurt made?

    The process is easy and can be done with something as simple as a tee-shirt/cheesecloth or something as fancy as a specialized greek yogurt strainer. Take a quart of homemade yogurt or any plain store bought yogurt and pour the yogurt onto a a clean tight knit fabric or a fine mesh strainer placed over a bowl. Then put the straining apparatus in the fridge and let it sit for a few hours. When you return you will find thick creamy greek yogurt in the strainer and a water like substance, whey, in the bowl. And that is how greek yogurt is made. The only problem is what to do with the left over whey, but dont worry you can learn 3 great uses for left over whey as well as much more.

    For some thorough DIY guides visit our how to make greek yogurt section where we give you step by step guides on making your own organic homemade greek yogurt. And check out our reviews of greek yogurt makers we have tried to learn more.


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